We are a Manufacturers, Exporters and Trader of all Kinds Of Beads and Bead related Items from India. The following lines give a brief introduction of our Company and its scope.


We providing the best quality beads and all types of beading supplies at the very lowest prices.  We addon to our inventory on a weekly basis so there are always new and exciting beading items to choose from. 

Glass Beads Our History :
Dev Overseas was established in the year 2003-2004. We have been engaged in domestic manufacturing and trading of all Kinds of Beads before venturing into export market. Thus we have considerable experience in manufacturing, sourcing beads of all kinds for our international customers world wide.
Glass Beads We provide best Quality Indian Products.
Dev Overseas manufacturers and exporters of all type of the bead like Glass beads, Mix beads, Uncut beads, Seed beads, Crystal beads, Soapstone beads, Wooden beads, Horn beads, Lac beads, Chemical beads, Ceramic beads and Jewelry etc .We produce quality lampwork beads, all hand made masterpieces. We have thousands of different designs to choose from. 
Glass Beads We provide best Prices on our Products.
Prices or every item is very competitive as we are manufacturers of most of the products displayed in the website. Products like Glass Beads are as cheap as 1.6 US$ per Kilo. We do not compromise with quality for prices. We sell Silver foil Mixed Beads for prices as low as 2.2 US$ per Kilo. Please
email us if you are interested in our products for full price list.
Glass Beads We provide best Services to our Customers.
 We provide wholesale prices, best display of products, most completive prices and timely delivery. Most of the small orders are shipped within 15 to 20 days of production time. Large quantity orders usually take 25 to 30 days of production time. We can also provide several shipping options. We also keep on updating our website and add on new items.
Glass Beads We have Fastest email support
We reply each and every mail within few hours of a working day. If you have any query or require any kind of assistance then please feel free to email us. If you are interested in any of the section of our website then please let us know, we will mail you with full price list of the product. You can also make contact with us on skype or messengers.
Glass Beads Our Manufacturing List :
1)- Glass Beads : We manufacture all Kinds of Glass Beads such as fancy glass beads, eye glass beads, venation glass beads, chevron beads, Chinese eye beads, Silver Foil Bead, Gold Foil Beads, Flower Decoration & Furnace Beads. Most of Our Glass Beads are Handmade by expert craftsmen.
Glass Beads 2)- Horn Beads : We also manufacture Horn Beads,  Horn Features beads and pendants etc. We manufacture all kinds of Horne Beads like carved, dyed, features, etc. Our Popular demand if  Horn item comprises of  Horn Beads Mix, Horn Pendants, Horn Hair pipes & Beads. Horn Beads and pendants can also be custom made as per your requirement.
Glass Beads3)- Other Beads : For the ease of our customers, we are now sourcing other kinds of Beads from reliable sources. Our Competitive Prices and good quality in these items have made us one of the biggest suppliers of Other Beads like Wooden Beads, Clay Beads, Crystal Beads, Ceramic Beads, Chemical Beads, Kashmiri Beads, Metal Beads, Art Glass Pendants and Many more.
Glass Beads4)- Beaded Jewelry :Our Most Demanded Product after Beads. We also make custom jewelry as per customer's specification. If you have any jewelry and want it to be copied by us, please email us the Picture or a physical sample. We are always looking up for new challenges and like to work on some thing new, so if you have any such new thing, we are always ready for it.
Glass BeadsDevelopment of New Products :
Our Company is continuously engaged in process of producing new varieties of beads and beaded jewelry.  We keepon working on new things and trying to produce new beads and other items. In fact, we send periodical newsletters to our prospective and regular customers which contains information regarding new varieties of beads that are introduced by us.  If you have new ideas or any such thoughts please feel free to mail to us.
Glass Beads

Packing and Quality Assurance (QA) :
Most of the items are packed individually in small corrugated boxes of 1 Kg and marked properly their product number. Small boxes are kept in a master cartoon up to weight of 20 to 30 kg. of master cartoon to become handy. Glass Beads are very prone to damages in transit. We, therefore, take utmost care to pack our Glass Beads (Other fragile items as well) in proper boxes wrapped by Jerk absorbing material so as to ensure safe transit of the Goods. Our Quality Control department has extensive quality check steps. Every product Packed is thoroughly checked and is then made available for dispatch.


We really hope that you will appreciate our collection online. If you need more varieties in any item(s), please feel free to drop us a email.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us

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