The following are Frequently asked questions, that are Usually been asked by new clients.



1. Is Dev Overseas Manufacturers of all these products?

We Manufacture Glass Beads, Horn Beads, Chemical Beads, Glass Handicrafts, Wooden Beads, Soapstone Beads and some more.  We do not Manufacture all the Products that are displayed at our website. We source some of the Products from our suppliers.

2. What is your Minimum Order Amount?

This is explained here

3. What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

This is explained in the price lists. Please email us for the price lists.

4. Do you ship world wide?

Yes, we ship goods world wide.

5. What forms of payment due you accept?

We accept Payments made through Bank Wire Transfer, Payment by Wester Union, By Cheque, etc

6. Can You Give Me Shape and Size Of Your Beads?

Shape and size of each bead can be mailed to you on request.

7. What is the order processing time?

Order processing time for most of the items range from 25 - 35 days. Time for order processing may vary with respect to order quantity.

8. Do You Provide Sampling Service?

Yes, we provide sampling service to our customers. We send samples on Freight Collect basis on your account  with Airborne / DHL / FedEx / TNT / UPS. If you would like to know more about this please email us

9. What are the modes of shipment?

The modes of shipment are as follows:-

By Courier :- DHL / FedEx / Airborne / UPS / DTDC /TNT

By Air :- From New Delhi Airport to your Air port.

By Sea :- Details will be provided on request. Depending upon the shipping line and shipping destination

 10. Is it safe to buy online?

If both the buyer and seller are honest then there is no risk in dealing on Web because today's available technology and security features have made it very safe to transact online. 


We really hope that you will appreciate our collection online. If you need more varieties in any item(s), please feel free to drop us a email


If you have any queries, please feel free to email us